I received a letter to take part of ‘076 op weg’, but I do not want my license plate is registered.
 Click on Registreer me niet and fill out your data.

Where can I find more information about the privacy policy of Positive Drive?
 Go to the page Privacybeleid.


I am an employer and I want to set up a personal campaign for my employees. How do I sign up?
  Please send an email to info@positivedriveapp.com and we will send you a proposal as soon as possible.


How can I use the navigation?
 You can start the navigation by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the start screen. Fill in your starting point and your destination and the navigation will be started. In the app your route will be displayed through a line on the map. By choosing ‘turn by turn’, your route will start automatically using the navigation app which is offered as standard on your phone. The Positive Drive app stays active in the background.

When I start a route, the app closes.
 Check if the ‘turn by turn’ function is on. With this function the route starts in the app which is offered as standard on your phone. De Positive Drive app stays active on the background and records your route.


Why am I being asked to fill out the questionnaire from Motivaction?
  Based on your Mentality-profile we can match the app as much as possible with your wishes and ease of use.

Is it required to take part in the questionnaire of Motivaction?
  No, it is not required, but when you fill in the questionnaire, you earn extra (s)miles. To take part of the ‘076 op weg’ project, it is, however, required to fill in the questionnaire.

Where can I find more information about my Mentality profile?
  For more information see: www.moticaction.nl/


How can I invite my friends for Positive Drive?
 Within the app you can choose ‘Share with your friends’ in the Stats menu. Click on the icon in the upper right corner and then choose ‘Add friends’ in the upper left corner. You can invite people by filling in their email address. On this page, you can also find an overview of your current friends within Positive Drive.

How can I share my achievements with my friends?
  Through clicking on the Share icon, you can share your routes, results and levels via a variety of channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and of course the friend system within the app.


How do I win prizes with my (s)miles?
  You go to the game room by choosing ‘Play’ within the app. Then push the button that says ‘Play’ and win prizes. When you win a prize, a notification appears on your screen.
Why do I have to choose a game zone?
  The range of prizes varies by location. Often prizes are offered by local retailers. By choosing a game zone, you make a choice of the location where you are at that moment. (S)miles are calculated per game zone.
How many (s)miles does it cost to play in the game room?
  You can play when you put in 10 points.


What prizes can be won in the game room?
 The prizes that can be won will be continually updated. To see an overview of the current range of prizes, you can click on the present in the upper right corner when you are in the game room within the app. Then you choose the gamezone where you have earned your (s)miles.

Where do I find an overview of the prizes I have won?
  You can find an overview of the prizes you have won in the game room. Click on the present on the upper right corner and choose ‘Won Prizes’.

How can I receive my prize?
  The way you receive your prize varies by sponsor. You will receive an email with information about redeeming the prize.


How do I earn (s)miles?
 There are multiple ways to earn (s)miles Per kilometre travelled (number depends on the mode of transportation), by passing a POI, by completing a assignment in the app).
• 1 (s)miles per kilometre when the distance is covered by car and the user has obeyed the speed limit.
• 3 (s)miles per kilometre when the distance is covered by bike.

Every 10(s)miles give you the right to one game in the gameroom that is linked to the area in which the (s)miles have been earned.
For example: Whenever the user travels 5KM by bike in Breda, 15 (s)miles will be awarded in the Gamezone Breda. These (s)miles can only be used in the gameroom linked to Gamezone Breda.

What are my (s)miles worth?
  You can use your (s)miles in the gameroom to play for a multitude of prizes.

Where do I find my current (s)miles balance?
  In the menu “stats” you can see an overview of all statistics, including the total number of (s)miles earned.

How long will my (s)miles be valid for?
 The (s)miles you have collected have unlimited validity.

Can I transfer my (s)miles to another participant?
 The (s)miles are personal and cannot be transferred.

Can I exchange my (s)miles for money?
 It is not possible to exchange your (s)miles for a financial reward. The (s)miles are points you can use to save and play for prizes.


How are my routes registered?
  Through the GPS function on your smartphone, GPS coordinates are converted to a trip. Our servers then calculate the route and the rewards and send them back to your smartphone.

My routes are not being registered. How is that possible?
  Make sure your location services are on and that you have a connection with 3G or 4G internet. Also, a working GPS connection is necessary. If this does not help, please contact our helpdesk.

I I cannot find my route in the app. How is that possible?
  It can take a while to process your route. When the function ‘sustainable data’ is turned on, routes will be processed when your smartphone is connected with WIFI. If the route does not process then, please contact our helpdesk.

I recorded a route together with someone else, but the routes are not the same. How is that possible?
  For the measurements of the routes, we are dependent on the GPS signal: the better the signal, the more secure the data will be processed. Also: the longer the distance of the route, the more detailed the data is passed.

I selected the function ‘automatic recording’, but my routes will not be started. How is that possible?
 It may take a while before the recording of the route starts. De app Positive Drive need to be active in the background to start the recording. Make sure you do not close the app completely. You can always choose to start the recording manually. 

My route is registered with another modality. What do I have to do?
 When you have chosen the function ‘automatic recoding’ and you used different modalities during your route, the most common means of transport will be displayed. When this is not the case, please contact our helpdesk.

How is the emission of CO2, the calorie consumption and the amount of money that is saved, calculated?
  The formulas that have been used are based on average values. The following formulas are used:
CO2 emission:
The number of kilometre X 118
Calorie Consumption:
(The number of miles X 0,57) X 153
The amount of money that is saved (based on the average use of a gasoline car)
(the amount of kilometre: 14) X 1.674

076 OP WEG

Category A: The invitation letter

My roommate and I both got the invitation letter, can we both participate?
 No, per address there can only be one participant. This participant will contribute under all the license plates registered to that address, including lease cars.

I haven’t been to the Wilhemina singel, but I still received an invitation. How is this possible?
 The registration of licence plates occurs in the most meticulous way possible. However, it is still possible that mistakes are made. For example, dirt on the licence plate or the camera, bolts blocking the licence plate or splashing rainwater. All these factors can result in the inaccurate registration of a licence plate. You can regard the letter you received as not send. We would appreciate your feedback on wrongful registration. Feedback can be send to the address listed in the letter you received.

I believe somebody is driving under my license plate. Is that possible?
 The camera only registers your license plate, not band name or car type. Therefore, it is impossible for us to check if there is another car driving with your licence plate. If you receive a lot of fines you are not responsible for, it can indicate someone is using your license plate. We advise you to contact the police on this phone number: 0900-8844.

The car with the listed license plate is no longer mine, has been reported missing or has been taken to the wrecking yard. Who have I still received an invitation?
 By mistake, you have received an invitation. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. We

How did you find my personal data?
 Between the 11th of April and the 10th of June camera’s have recorded license plates of vehicles. The registered license plates are used by the municipality of Breda to invite individuals to participate in the project. This is done by requesting addresses from the license plate registry. The registration and subsequent data collection is done following strict privacy laws and regulations.

What else will you use my personal information for, and is this legal?
 The licence plate registration follows the law regarding the protection of personal data. The research has been applied and is registered with the Authority personal data (under number: m1616431). Additional information can be found on www.autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl

During research we use your data for:
• The measuring and analysing of travel behaviour of the potential participants.
• The approaching of commuters who would be eligible for participation in the project.

What role do lease companies have in the recruitment process?
 The lease driver is an important road user, who we will meticulously approach though the lease company or possible employer. In the protocol of the Vereniging Nederlandse Autoleasemaatschappijen (VNA) is stated how this occurs. The individual lease companies will contact the potential participants. Individual data is not passed on to the lease companies. There is no control by the employer or lease company on your participation or travel behaviour.

Category B: Participation

Is participation mandatory?
 No, participation is not mandatory, we do however appreciate your participation

What will I earn if I participate?
 The first six months you will save up for a savings goal which you will select upon registration. Besides that, you can win prizes in the gameroom, offered by local entrepreneurs.

How can I apply fort he 076 Op Weg project?
 Apply the steps that are listed in the invitation letter. If you are unable to figure these steps out, you can contact our helpdesk via this phone number: 085-303 6484.

A notification appears that states that my IBAN is invalid, how is this possible?
 You are required to fill out your IBAN without spaces, for example: NL00RABO0123456789. Check your IBAN carefully before proceeding tot the next step.

Can I use somebody else’s campaign code?
 The campaign code listed in the invitation letter is personal and cannot be transferred to another individual. The app has a verification process in place, upon fraudulent use of the campaign code, additional measures will be taken.

You are required to be the sole owner and user of the smartphone the app is installed on. It is not allowed to install the app on a phone that is not yours or is intended for third party use. If you decide to sell or lease your phone or otherwise offer your phone to a third party, you are required to ensure this party will be unable to use the app with your account. p>

What rush-hour times are utilized for 076 Op weg?
 The rush-hour times that are used are from 7:00-9:00 and 15:00 and 18:00 hours

How are my avoidances calculated?
 Whenever, upon the basis of your avoidance plan, you choose a route that does not involve the Wilhelminasingel, you choose a different mode of transportation or you work home ore leave later it will count as an avoidance. Warning: the alternative route needs to be registered by the app.

I have avoided, but I cannot find this avoidance in my statistics. How is this possible?
  On Friday the number of avoidances are calculated. It may be possible that some of the routes have yet to be processed. These routes will not be in that week’s calculation, and will not be visible in the statistics. The routes that have yet to be processed will count for next week. At the end of the project, all routes will be manually checked for accuracy.

Do I have to leave the app on at all times?
 Yes, to register routes the app needs to be on at all times. It is however enough to have it running in the background.

The app automatically records my routes. Can this be disabled?
 As a tool the “Automatic recording” function is turned on by default. If you find this inconvenient, you can turn this option off in the menu. Take in to consideration that you will have to manually start and stop recording to record your routes and gain avoidances.

How do I register that I worked at home?
 In the main menu, you can press the logo for working at home (topleft). It is imperative that your phone remains on and you register no routes over the Wilhelminasingel.

I avoided the Wilhelminasingel, but my avoidance is not registered?
 Check if you have a working internet connection and try to reload the statistics. If this does not work, please contact the helpdesk.

Can I still avoid during my holiday?
 No, during your holiday you will not be registered as an avoider and you will not be rewarded. We request that you submit your holiday data to our helpdesk.

I am moving, changing jobs or taking a leave and I am possibly not eligible for reward. What do I do?
 Send an email to info@076opweg.nl with the subject: Alteration of profile. List in this email your new work/home situation and we will determine of you are still eligible for rewards.

Category C: The licence plate registration

What do the camera’s measure precisely?
 The camera’s only register your licence plate. The camera’s register what licence plate, during what timeframe travel in what direction. This is required to establish the frequency at which the individual travels over the Wilhelminasingel. With this information the municipality can invite individuals to participate in the campaign. The camera’s do not measure speeding offences or vehicle specifications.

What do the camera’s measure?
 The registration took place between the 11th of April 2016 and the 10th June 2016 during the morning and evening rush hours, wish the exception of the May holidays from the 30th April till 9th May.

I do not want you to use my personal data and do not want tob e contacted about this project, what can I do?
 On the website www.registreer-me-niet.nl you can register against registration. Your licence plate will be deleted upon enrolment.
Via info@076opweg.nl you can report you would not like to receive further information.

Do you report licence plates tot he police or the IRS?
 No, we register the license plates for research into traffic flows. The data will not be provided to other parties such as the police. The data will be deleted after the research is completed.

Under what conditions would you provide the data to a trird party?
 There is one exception where we do provide the data to a third party We must provide the data if the The Public Prosecution Service
asks us in writing for an official investigation. For these types of investigations, they must ask for a specific timeframe and location. After the investigation, the data will be deleted as quickly as possible. The chance of this happening is very low because of that.

How will my privacy be protected?
 Your privacy will be protected on multiple levels. First of, everybody will be informed via press, adds, door-to-door messages and signs at the sight of the camera’s. The second measure is the preventative un-enrolment from registration through registreer-me-niet.nl. Third, only the data of people who visit the area very frequently will be requested. Forth, the data will be compared to the national post and deceased registry. Addresses found here will be deleted from our database. The last step is people who have been registered for the 076 op weg project, but are unwilling, can unenrolled by mailing this to info@076opweg.nl.

Category D: General questions

What will the project cost the municipality of Breda?
 The municipality of Breda and the ministry of infrastructure and environment both invested about €500.000 though the Beter Benutten project into this campaign. This was necessary because of the appending future problem of increased traffic in Breda. Because of the project, an estimated 1000 rides over the Wilhelminasingel will be gone. This is much more effective that constructing new infrastructure.

What is Beter Benutten?
 The avoidance of the Wilhelminasingel is part of national program “Beter Benutten” from the ministry of infrastructure and environment and is connected tot he deals made fort he structural vision 2030. In the coming 2,5 years we will put in significant effort to reduce travel time over the singels. This involves a green wave on the Beverweg, a fast bus lane and a Green wave for cyclists on the Claudius Prinsenlaan and a fast cycle lane on the St. Ignatiusstraat. The goal is to reduce the delay by 15% for cars in Breda and a better accessible city centre for cars, cyclists and public transportation.

It is not that busy at all on the Wilhelminasingel, why do the project anyways?
 We can see traffic increasing in the Wilhelminasingel now that the Doornboslaan is open again. The rising economy and the and increasing road works in the area influence the traffic flow on the Wilhelminasingel. To prevent the clogging up of the city centre and the singels, we have started this project along with similar ones.

It is busier on other streets, why choose this part of the singel?
 A good traffic flow is important fort he accessibility of the city centre. Research tells that local traffic can get tot heir destination using a different route as well.

Is there an alternative fort he Wilhelminasingel?
 Traffic from Breda-Noord Can commute via the Beverweg. In the coming period a green wave will be installed here. For cyclists there will be a fastcycle route on the Ignatiusstraat and public transportation will get a HOV-lane langs de Claudius Prinsenlaan.

Can you use the app without compromising traffic safety?
 During traveling, only the route map will be displayed, the user cannot operate the app. Users earn points if the obey the speed limit and use the avoidance route. This stimulated responsible and safe traffic behaviour.

I have a question about the use of Positive Drive.
  here you can find the FAQ about the usage of the app. Besides that, you can also contact our helpdesk via the chat function on our website and app. You can also send an email to info@positivedriveapp.com or call: 085-303 6484.

Do participants only get rewarded when using the app?
 Without the app we have no way to measure or reward the participants. Participants have the option to run the app in the background or actively turn it on every day.

How is fraud dealt with within this project?
 In the press there has been a lot of attention going for fraud in similar projects. The participants are solely responsible for the alteration of personal data. With the app we can prove the Wilhelminasingel has been avoided. From within the project, regular fraud checks are executed. If fraud is detected, The rewards can be repossessed.


How can I edit my personal information?
 In the menu, you can select profile information. In this screen you can alter your personal information. Beware: If you alter your living/ work location, during your participation of the 076 Op Weg campaign, you are required to inform us of this by mailing info@076opweg.nl.
Besides this, all prizes won in the gameroom will be send to the address registered in the app.

Why do I have to allow Positive Drive to use my location?
 The routes you record, are recorded using GPS. Whenever GPS is disabled, no routes or data can be collected.

The battery life of my phone has decreased, what can I do?
 The recording of routes using GPS costs a lot of power. To save some battery power, you can check off the “automatic recording” function when you are not traveling. The app functions to its highest ability when the “automatic recording” function is in the On position.

On what phones does the Positive Drive app work?
 Positive Drive has been developed for smartphones with IOS 8 or higher, and Android 4.3 and higher. Besides that, the smartphone must posses the ability to utilize GPS. It is also necessary to have 3g or 4g internet connection.

I do not have a suitable phone; can I still participate in Positive Drive?
 Unfortunately, it is not possible to participate if your smartphone is not suitable.

I can’t get the app to install, how is this possible?
 Positive Drive has been developed for smartphones with IOS 8.1 or higher, and Android 4.3 and higher. Besides that, the smartphone must posses the ability to utilize GPS. It is also necessary to have 3g or 4g internet connection. There could be a lack of usable space on your phone. Moreover, it is possible to have different hardware that the app does not support. To eliminate this possibility, please contact our helpdesk via info@positivedriveapp.com


Who can participate with Positive Drive?
 Everybody who is willing to work towards better accessibility and environment of their city and enjoys saving en playing for exciting prizes

How can I unsubscribe from Positive Drive?
 Unsubscription can be done by emailing info@positivedriveapp.com. The account will be deleted


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