Participate for one month in a campaign for greener mobility in Kirchberg and get rewarded !


For whom is this?

All employees of the participating companies in the Kirchberg area, members of IMS Luxembourg – Inspiring More Sustainability : ABBL, Allen & Very, Arendt & Medernach, Chamber of Commerce, European Commission, KPMG, Linklaters, Onet and the European Investment Bank.


You can download the app from Monday the 28th MAY and use it till Friday the 6th of JULY

How can I participate?

  • Download the POSITIVE DRIVE App on Monday the 28th MAY in the Google Play Store and in the iOS App
  • Register your daily mobility with the App : walking, cycling, driving, public transport use, home office and carpooling
  • Discover the total distance travelled, calories burned, money saved, CO2 reduce emissions and much more
  • It’s anonymous: the first Kilometer in not recorded and the collected date can’t be linked to an individual

Earn (s)miles with your daily travels… and win amazing prizes!

By participating you will:

  • Help to improve the mobility in Luxembourg
  • Draw a comprehensive mobility picture of the Kirchberg area
  • Help to collect mobility data which enables us to design a better mobility to everyone
  • Support us to engage in a dialogue with public authorities to develop comprehensive mobility plans

Questions or a reminder for the campaign start wanted?

Please write us an email to

Looking for some additional information about installing the app?

Download the instructions here:

Walkthrough French

Walkthrough English


Thank you and may you always have a Positive Drive!

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