Download Positive Drive, track your routes,
earn (s)miles and win prizes!

Track the routes you make by walking, riding bikes and driving cars and get
rewarded for the right behaviour in (s)miles! Positive Drive is a unique concept
in which your surroundings become your playing field. Help keep your environment
clean and safe!


Good behaviour is rewarded

Positive Drive makes ‘good’ the standard. Grab the bike instead of the car, stick to the speed limit or travel outside rush hours. The more kilometers you cover, the more (s)miles you earn!

Earn, Play, Win!

Earned (s)miles are chances to play in the game room. With this you can win awesome prizes! Prizes are offered by local sponsors. Take a look at the game room and see what prizes you can win.


Set your own targets

Positive Drive tracks beside your travelled routes many other useful information. See how much kilometers you have travelled, how much calories you have burned, how much CO2 you have emitted or how much money you have saved. Set your own targets, use the coaching system to reach your targets and share them with your friends!

Challenge your friends

Invite your friends, family and colleagues to join. Within the friend system it is possible to follow each other’s achievements and to compare them with your own achievements.