Positive Drive is a product of Ijsberg Holding BV, (Chamber of Commerce number : 30207905), will be referred to as Ijsberg, grants you access to www.positivedriveapp.com (“the website”) and the application Positive Drive, we invite you to participate.

Ijsberg reserves the right to edit, change content or remove it entirely at any time, without needing permission from its users.


Ijsberg work tirelessly to keep the content of the app and the website up to date as much as possible. It may still occur that the content is incomplete or invalid.

The content available on the website is in no way guaranteed to be accurate, and Ijsberg does not accept liability for this. The material presented can be altered without any notification from Positive Drive.

Specific prices and other information about the products on the website and in the app cannot be held liable as it may contain flaws. You will not be able to claim an agreement with Positive Drive on this basis. We do not except responsibility for hyperlinks to websites on this website or the contents these may contain.

Ijsberg would like to express that usage of the app is the responsibility of the user. More specifically, Ijsberg would like to express that we are firmly against operating the app whilst operating a vehicle.


All copyrights of intellectual property concerning this material are with Positive Drive.

Copying, distribution or any other use of these materials is prohibited, without written consent of Positive Drive. Unless otherwise specified with specific materials.

Warranty and Liability:

We tirelessly try to keep the app and parts of the app up-to-date as much as possible, Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee this will be the case at any moment. Did you happen to find a flaw ? Positive Drive would appreciate your contribution to the improvement.

Battery life:

Positive Drive uses, similar to routeplanners, your phones GPS. This costs, despite efforts to keep it as low as possible, unfortunately quite some energy. You battery will drain faster while using Positive Drive then it would if the app was not active. Needless to say, we will keep searching for ways to decrease the battery usage.


Positive Drive uses your preferential routeplanner (Tomtom or Google). With use of the Turn by Turn navigation, the user will be redirected to the routeplanner of their choice.

It may occur, especially with bicycle, That the route suggested may not conform with the optimal route. Positive Drive can in no way be held responsible for the information distributed.


Apple is in no way involved with the lottery contained in the app. Nor as a organiser, or supplier of prizes.

Copyright notice:

The images contained within the app, this includes written text, pictures, illustrations, graphic material, trademarks are under licence of Positive Drive and is protected by copyright, trademarks and intellectual property laws. The content of the app may only be used by participants for non-commercial purposes. The user of the app is not allowed to copy or distribute the app, or rent the app to a third party for financial gain, without express permission from Ijsberg.


The information in the app or the website is regularly updated and edited. Ijsberg reserves the right to alter the app or website at any time without prior notification.


The site www.positivedriveapp.com may use cookies, which will be placed on your computer. Cookies improve the ease at which the website can be used. A cookie contains information you have filled in on the website and does not contain viruses. You could potentially choose not to use cookies, you can do this by deactivating this option in your browser.

Privacy protection:

Positive Drive guarantees the careful usage of personal data. We will not share these with other instances then mentioned prior to this to improve traffic safety or congestion problems. Positive Drive will do everything to ensure maximum security of your personal data to prevent loss or unlawful processing.

Positive Drive reserves the right to alter the Privacy policy. In the app you can find links to 3rd party websites or services. Ijsberg can not be held responsible for the content of said third party website or their method of handeling personal data. Please read the Privacy statement and disclaimer when visiting these websites.


Do you have questions regarding the Privacy policy ? Contact us at: info@ijsbergconsultants.nl


Positive Drive is a product of Ijsberg Holdings BV, enlisted at he camber of commerce Gooi-, eem- en Flevoland under the number: 30207905


Positive Drive was developed on the basis of an initiative from the Gemeente Breda and the NHTV, by Ijsberg and Routenet, via assignment of Ijsberg Holdings BV. The design was developed by DARE TO DIFR.