About this app

Positive Drive is a mobile app, which has proven itself as being an effective tool for rewarding mobility behaviour. The app meticulously tracks movements using GPS with the permission of the user in various modes of transportation. Using the collected data, the user receives information about routes, modality, speed, avoidance and other interesting statistics. The data will be used to provide the rewards in the form of money, points, prizes and levels. The app also provides the option of sharing the achievements via social media. The app is available on Android and IOS.

Our goal

Positive Drive is the first gamification tracking app that only rewards positive behaviour in traffic. With precision nudges we aim to solve the problems of the future: the increasing CO2 levels and traffic safety.

Positive Drive is a product of IJsberg Holdings BV. It was built out of an initiative from the municipality of Breda and NHTV, by IJsberg Consultants and Routenet, commissioned by IJsberg Holdings BV. The design was developed by DARE TO DIFR.

For additional information visit our website www.positivedriveapp.com or send an email to info@positivedriveapp.com.

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